5 Star Movers, LLC provides all your moving needs in the San Antonio Metro area. Everything from beginning to end. Let 5 Star manage your move. Today's Best Value : 3 Man rate $105/hr.

Remove Unwanted Items Before Moving

Use our junk removal services in San Antonio.

The volume of stuff that you are moving cross-country directly affects the cost of your move. It impacts the cost of moving supplies, labor, the size of truck that you need and more.

Spring cleaning to remove unnecessary clutter, clothes that you have not worn in years and other unwanted items may seem like a waste of time at first glance, you can now see that this effort can save you a significant amount of money.

Remember to get rid of large items, like furniture that will not have space in your new home, before you load the moving truck as well.

If you want your move to stay on track, your list should be made weeks before your moving date. To give you an idea of things this should include, here are some tasks commonly found on moving checklists:

  • Go by the post office to change street address: You can change your address in-person at the post off or use the USPS’ online portal for a fast-and-easy address change.

  • Cut your utilities: When moving to a new residence, it’s important to think about the timing of turning off/on utility service. If moving in-town, you may be able to transfer your existing accounts to a new address. Otherwise, you’ll need to turn on service with new providers ahead of your move.

  • If you do not schedule your pre-move and post- move cleaning through us, Buy cleaning supplies: Make sure you have cleaning supplies on hand to tidy up after the movers have left. Doing a thorough clean before moving stuff into your new place is also a great way to start off on the right foot.

  • Call a 5 Star Movers

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Full Service

Life's too short to stress. Our most popular service includes:

  • 26' Truck

  • 2 Men 

  • Furniture Pads / Dollies

  • Stretch Wrap/Tape

(3 or 4 Men options available upon request)